PAckman mozillia and other repositories dissapear


I recently download the new 11.3 suse. I Install from the cd, and choose the update option to make it all auto-.

Now I Found out that I have no Mozilla repository, Packman repository, OpenOffice one, as well as others. Then I go the repositories packages screen that repositories aren’t displayed.

Where can I found them ?
What’s new on this website that take those repositories apart ?

thanks for any feedback



Hi Agustin,

The repositories you had earlier (before you updated to 11.3) are removed by the installer. This is done 'cause most of the packages need repacking before the can be installed on 11.3. (Not everything is backwards compatible). You can add the Repositories via Yast2 | Software | Software Repositories and press the ADD button.
Now you can add Community Repositories or Whatever repo you want. Please make sure you use 11.3 repos.

There are already some repos like Packman but for some you must have a bit more patience.


I found them!!

Thank you so much hbree!!


You are welcome :wink: