Packet Tracer help

Hi everyone!

Recently I have started playing with the Packet tracer app since I am attending the course to prepare for CCNA. I am a complete noob when it comes to many things - Linux and networking wise as well. I have however managed to run the packet tracer using Wine but the issue is that the program is not able to connect to the internet so I assume my firewall setup might be responsible for this.

Could anyone help me please?

Many thanks!

As you seem to use Wine to run this program, it is most possibly not a Linux one. Thus you better explain to the Linux oriented audience here, what it is, what it should do, where you got it from, etc. We are probably the noobs here :wink:

Also you better explain what your goal is. Maybe there is a Linux program for it so you do not need a thing like Wine at all.

Sorry for not being specific.

The Packet tracer application from Cisco

Since the Packet tracer app is proprietary I had a hard time to get my hands on the Linux version. So I downloaded the Win installer from the Cisco Networking academy website and installed it using Wine because it was the fastest solution for me.

Its basically a Cisco software which helps you to learn more about networking, to practice, etc.

I would of course welcome if I could get a Linux version and install it but it seems I am still not proficient enough to do so hence I am working with WIne + Windows version of the program.

I guess there is a Linux version somewhere but I am really stuck when it comes to obtaining and installing it .

Many thanks for your reply!

I did a simple search and found a number of “how to install P.T. on Linux” articles out there. Research is the key :+1:

They start to make network designs by installing Packet Tracer network software on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems.

Before installing the Cisco network simulator software, you must register on the Netacad website and then download the software to your computer for Linux systems and start the installation process

Thank you this is exactly what I have done.

Now the problem is that I can only download the “Ubuntu version” with the suffix .deb and honestly my experience with this way of installing software is very limited since I have tried to use zypper and opi and the official repositories only so far when installing the apps for my computer.

Sadly the instructions on how to install it are missing.

Thank you