packagekit, kupdateapplet and kpackagekit - openFATE #305394: Move KDE software updates ...

Hello members of the forums,

how are your experiences with packagekit under GNOME and under KDE (kpackagekit) and with kupdateapplet?

Good or bad experiences -
with both you might be interested in:

openFATE #305394: Move KDE software updates notifications to upstream infrastructure .
(The link leads to the thread at the the openSUSE feature tracking tool.)

As I understand it, the topic of that thread/wish is about
dropping kupdateapplet (openSUSE’s special KDE tool for informing about updates and managing semi-automatic updates) and
replacing it with kpackagekit (an adaption of the GNOME packagekit for KDE). But I may be false on that.


openFATE is down at the moment but i have seen this request, commented on it and i’ll say it again here. PackageKit doesn’t work on KDE. I’ve tried it on 11.1 and 11.2 and it doesn’t work. It just gives me an error message and doesn’t update. Kupdateapplet with zypp plugin on the other hand work flawlessly. You can search the forum and see that there are a lot of problems with PackageKit. My vote - :bad:

It is online again.

I think someone who will visit being logged in as an openSUSE user
will be able to see my opinion/estimation, too.

Greetings pistazienfresser

@pistazienfresser: re: your PM: I confess that I have the habit for years now, to disable the updater applet, also if I install for others. Another thing is, that I don’t really care what’s being used, “packagekit” or “zypp”, as long as it works.

kupdate -1] doesn’t work on my machine ever … continuous loop of dbus error connecting
kpackagekit -1] doesn’t work either … system freezes
packagekit in gnome -1] doesn’t work … system freezes then reboots
Yast-update +1] never had a problem getting updates
zypper +1] never had a problem getting updates

Bottom line packagekit, kupdateapplet, and kpackagekit can be contained for those that they work for but taken out of regular base install and just stay with yast and zypper in the base install. IMHO

Thanks for your (plural) answers.

My experiences had not such a big data-bases especially not on first hand experiences
but I was and am a bit irritated to see that issue
in openFATE voted now with “score 38”
but for example in comparison
#308352: Easy Way to put Media to USB Stick” on
voted only with “score 30”.

Maybe if I get a bit more in touch with KDE
and get a bit more adventurous again
I will try kupdateapplet with zypp plugin
(if this possibility will be still existing at that definite/indefinite time…:wink: )