PackageKit Error in 11.3

Just installed 11.3 KDE 64bit and I get this error:

PackageKit Error internal-error: Installation aborted by user

I didn’t do anything. What does this mean? How can I get Package Kit installed?

Did your install media pass this test:

No I didn’t, maybe I should.

but I hit button to go to Yast and now it’s installing many programs, Patch download and installation. Maybe its OK?

Or maybe I should reinstall?

Wait and see what happens, Yast is very clever now.

If you open up Yast and then Software Repositories or Software Management just before the Package Kit checks for updates, you can get this kind of error as only one software update program can be running at a time. This error would then be normal in such a case.

Thank You,

you’re right. Yast installed what was needed and all is good.

openSuse 11.3 is running well now :slight_smile:

Good to hear…