Package Installer Error

I have installed OpenSUSE 13.2
Free Space : 8.2 G.B.
Dual Boot with Windows 7.
Running on laptop Sony VPCCB17FG

I am using the rpm packages provided with the installation media but I get the following error.
I am getting the same error for packages I downloaded from internet.

Failed to Install Package
A problem that we were not expecting has occurred.
Please report this bug in your distribution bug tracker with the error description.

Kindly advice.

I don’t know what free space 8 gigs means?

Were is this free space of which you speak?

Default install will create or use 3 partitions swap root and home each partition has its own space so where is this 8 gig??

Another note is that default you get the BTRFS fikles system and a thing called snapper. Snapper takes periodic snapshots of the root files system It is recommended that you have at least 40 gig or you may run out of space. Also the normal tools does not take into account any snapshots taken so even if they say you have space you may not. If you installed to a very small partition this could be the problem

Root is 2.5 G.B. free.
Home is 8.2 G.B. free.

Sir, but what would be the problem with package installer.

root is where packages and temp files are stored. It won’t use home. My guess is that snapper has filled the root partition even if the tools say 2 gig is free it could easily be that snapper is eating up that spae and the normal space reporting tools don’t see the space snapper uses.

If you took the default file system you have BTRFS and snapper is turned on by default. My felling is that you allocatted too little space for a system that uses snapper.

There are snapper command line tools and also a Yast module I recommend you turn off snapper and free any space it has used

The op I guess is not having a problem with the free space but with the failure to
install the rpm.

I think it is better to create a local repository. You can do it in yast2.
Then dump your downloaded rpm there. Use yast2 to install it.