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Quick Q: is there a difference between RPMs designated for Red Hat/Fedora and RPMs designated for SUSE? Reason: For many packages not in the repos an official site may only have either a Fedora RPM and the Source tarball, and I’d like to know which is best to use.

If Red Hat RPMs work fine then that helps me out quite a bit; from my experience, compiling from source tends to create conflicts with dependencies I’ve installed from the official repos.

Quick A: Yes

Long A: RPMs are compiled for a specific distro from a specific version of the software. You may be able to avoid conflicts when compiling from source if you compile in ~/user/bin.

On Sat, 21 Sep 2013 20:56:02 +0000, Paspie wrote:

> If Red Hat RPMs work fine then that helps me out quite a bit

Generally, no, because of dependency naming conventions (and versions).

Look at the Open Build Service, though - you might well find the package
you’re looking for has been built in a home: repo on obs, which can save
you a lot of time. Also, if it hasn’t, it’s not difficult in most cases
to build it from an existing srpm if you know how to build a spec file.


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[QUOTE=hendersj;2586711Generally, no, because of dependency naming conventions (and versions).[/QUOTE]I have that problem with installing from source as well. The last example I can remember was the latest version of MakeMKV: there was a dependency it couldn’t find because it was named differently to what I had from the repos. I have only one option, to remove the repo version of the dependency and install the one from source but: isn’t that going to result in a vicious circle of broken packages with different naming conventions? How am I going to approach it all?

EDIT: It seems the default location for MakeMKV is /usr/bin/makemkv, so it must be something else.
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