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I’m using Leap 42-1 as a server to back up the various computers here using backuppc. I “prototyped” the system on a Raspberry Pi to be sure that the software works, and it does. Now I’ve built a PC to be the backup server, and successfully downloaded and installed the backuppc package.

In setting up the software on the Pi, I used documentation from “HowToForge” and that went well. But, as I’m starting to configure the setup on LEAP, I’ve run into the problem that configuration files are not where they are expected to be, and it looks like the “HowToForge” documentation uses “apache 1” and LEAP uses “apache 2”.

Now, I really don’t want to become an Apache 2 expert, I just want to configure the software and get things to the point where I can do backups.

So, is there OpenSuse Leap documentation for the backuppc package that will walk me through doing the configuration? If so, where is it located?

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You can inspect the contents of the backuppc package with the following command

rpm -ql backuppc

And within it you will find the backuppc documentation in 2 formats, HTML and pod (Plain Old Documentation),


You can point a web browser to the html file…



Since backuppc now runs as a systemd service, because systemd Unit files are configuration files you can inspect the commands and other configuration files referenced in the Unit file

The following command displays the current state of the service, and if it’s running (or failed to run) a log snippet.

systemctl status backuppc

You can also start the service and then re-inspect the status to display additional information about its runtime

systemctl start backuppc