Overwrite Windows XP with openSUSE 11

Hello everyone. Ive been using the opensuse 11 live cd all day today and i must say that i really love it. I am currently running windows XP SP2 on my gateway laptop (1.5 Ghz Pentium M, 2 Gb RAM, 60 GB HDD). Let’s say that i wanted to completely overwrite windows xp with opensuse 11, what is the best way to go about that? Install from live cd or full dvd? Also, if i back up my music and pictures onto my external drive, can i drag those folders back onto my hard drive later after installing suse? One more very important question i have is this: Will my iPod touch (16 Gb) work as it should? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Although the LiveCD has had MANY improvements, installing using the DVD still has my strong preference.

The DVD has the main advantage of having all the main software ‘on board’ and you can customize the install much more and don’t explicitly need an internet connection to install.

Also give both a try if possible and let us now what you think? :slight_smile:


as for the iPod… I don’t have one so don’t know about that other than Banshee 1.0 (and other apps) state to support it.

If you want to wipe out any former OS on the disk, that’s trivial, just tell the install to use the whole disk, when it comes to the partitioning step.

Hey guys, thanks for your answers. One more question though, what is the deal with installing codecs, and that some (fluendo?) charge money to get them? Will i be able to play most audio and video after a full installation from the suse dvd?

yes they do charge for codecs.

but we are talking about an open-source OS, there are free codecs for music and video formats. and yet they work perfect.Most widely used one is xine

Have a look here for the easy one-click install for media codecs :
Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community

No charge included! :wink:

I have an Ipod (nano). It does not work the same way as my wife’s does using itunes on her vista machine. Mine works correctly in players like my car and wherever, but the interface where I add and subtract and organise tunes is different from the windows interface, that’s all.

There is one thing: I can’t really use the iTunes store because of the DRM. I get my music elsewhere, permanently unfettered by DRM.

The ipod software in Suse (ie in Linux) is great – I use GtkPod it’s in the Suse RPMs