[OSC][BUILDLOG]OBS trigger rebuild error

At least, I can use OSC with local (VM) OBS instance. I installed OpenSUSE with OBS from iso downloaded from the web. I must edit /etc/apache2/vhosts.d files to made OBS working without encryption (on 80 port and without ssl).
Now, OSC can communicate with OBS.
But, when I trigger rebuild with WEB UI or via osc (rebuild/rebuildpac commands) and type osc buildlog packagename arch, I got error that package has no build log. Where could be error?

I got that the repository is broken and build/publish is not possible. I got this message in webui

When you click on “i586” and/or “x86_64” you should get additional informations about the reason…

No data.

When type:
obsstoragesetup init, I’ve got:

So, no space. It is odd. I created drive with 70 GiB size and mount (add to VM) as second storage. I also configured LLVM as described: Setting Up a Local OBS Instance | Administrator Guide .

I follow this tutorial, so delete 70 GiB virtual drive, create one 120GiB and create server and cache partition. 50 GiB of size each. Similar error.


By typing “this tutorial”, I mean link given above.

Sorry for refreshing this old topic. I figure out, there is admin account on WebUI and create DoD repository, but still got “repository configuration is broken” message.

I decided do not use DoD, but put these into project metadata:

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed https://api.opensuse.org/public

remoteurl pointing to Open Build Service API do the trick.