OS install error

I’m trying to install the OpenSuSE Leap v.15.1 64-bit on a Lenovo ideapad 320-15ast 80XV, an error occurs during installation, see photo https://picflip.io/ee5af53a-54ee-476e-a768-dd070605dfe1

You can perhaps try adding “nomodeset” to the kernel command line.

If you are using a traditional MBR boot, there’s a field on the boot screen for that. Otherwise (for UEFI booting), select the boot line for installl in the grub menu and then hit the “e” key. Scroll down to a line that starts “linux” (or it might be “linuxefi” and append " nomodeset" without the quotes) to the end of that line. Then hit CTRL-X to continue booting.

Please note that Leap 15.1 is out-of-date and out-of support. You would do better to download a current Leap 15.4 iso and try that.

The specified parameter is already specified, see photo https://picflip.io/de5a242c-b601-40dd-80b6-e5fd2a804227, also now I was waiting for more time and additional errors appeared, see photo

The specified image contains a collection of programs for automating the contact center, so I can not update the system.

Please upload external pictures via https://susepaste.org/. This is the prefered way for openSUSE.
Most people won’t click links like yours…

Additionally your vicibox software seems questionable securitywise as it is based on openSUSE Leap 15.1 which is EOL since Feb 2021

It’s not my software, it’s developed by a world-renowned community in the automation contact center industry.
Photo uploaded to your site.


Newer hardware sometimes has new features that older software cannot handle. It takes a newer version of linux to use that hardware.

It looks to me as if your computer is too new for the old version of openSUSE that you are trying to boot. I don’t have any good suggestion on ways to deal with that.

IMHO these two are contradictory. I am with @hui that I would not call a software developer “world-renowned” (in a postive sense) when the software does not keep up with supported (and thus far more secure) versions of the operating system it is distributed for.

Just for info the Vicibox welcome site list information that is outdated. The current Vicibox Server that you can download from here:


is using Leap 15.3. Of course Leap 15.3 will also have E.o.L soon. In case you have used an older iso version < 10.0.1 try it again with this one.

- ViciBox v.10.0.1 220503 

**vicibox10:~ #** cat /etc/os-release  
NAME="openSUSE Leap" 
ID_LIKE="suse opensuse" 
PRETTY_NAME="- ViciBox v.10.0.1 220503" 
**vicibox10:~ #**