OS 11.0 Xvnc

I know there is a lot on this topic already. I can’t seem to find anything specific to this problem, however.

I have Xvnc enabled in Yast, and have opened firewall ports.

xinitd has 5901 vnc and 5801 vnc_httpd enabled

I can connect fine via XP tight vnc client through display 1 (:1), but not directly throgh port 5901. The screen displays fine.

I can connect to the server through http via port 5801. I see the java applet load, but no screen appears. Any ideas??

Note that I have the checkbox checked (Control Panel->System->Desktop Sharing) to ask for a password at logon, and have entered a password. It never asks me for a password when connecting, though.


Which exactly place in Yast is it that you have Xvnc enabled?

Yast->Network Devices->Remote Administration (VNC)

Couple of ideas:

That Remote Administration switch/facility in Yast turns on TightVNC on desktop :1 via port 5901 and opens SuSEfirewall2 for port 5901 but not for port 5801. To open 5801 you can do it explicitly in Yast Firewall module at “Allowed Services” → Advanced and add 5801 in the TCP slot – or you can do it implicitly using “Allowed Services” → Service to Allow → VNC mini-HTTP server → Add.

Another potential issue is that xorg-x11-Xvnc (which is the package for remote Administration) is quite buggy in KDE4 in openSUSE 11.0; but maybe you are using Gnome or KDE3 not KDE4.

I could only get a satisfactory VNC connection to openSUSE 11.x + KDE4 two ways:

  1. by going to the basic packages and tweaking the start command
  2. by using RDP package xrdp and windows remote desktop connection (which serves VNC in a way that seems to work in 11.x + KDE4)

But as I said, you may not be using KDE4. If you are, this might be worth a look to get some more ideas:
TightVNC (VNC Xvnc) on openSUSE as Client or Server (Remote Desktop Connections)