Oracle XE and Tora

Hi all

I am a linux newbie.

Running: openSUSE 11 (Gnome 2.22), Oracle XE, Oracle OCI basic

I’ve heard tOra is a great database tool, similar to Toad on windows. So I downloaded version 1.3.22.

Installation succeeded after fixing some dependecies. But when I start tOra, nothing happens. To be honest, i could’t find any installation instructions (deadlink on site).

Does somebody know how to get this working?

Thank you!

Well I don’t know about tOra, personally I use Oracle’s SQL Developer, its based on Java, so it can be sluggish at times, but otherwise its pretty good software/products/sql/index.html

tOra seems to be an optional install on many linux distributions, but no opensuse. I’ve also spent some time trying to get it to work on my opensuse 11 installation, but so far, no luck. And unfortunately, I don’t have the time to spend tinkering to compile my own binary. I will go back to sqldeveloper. But tora is slicker and faster. I wish a binary would be included in the software packages.

Just paid a visit to tOra’s Source Forge page, seems there are precompiled binaries available ( Downloading …) (i386)

You can try these.

EDIT: t0ra is also available in YaST if you’ve added Packman repos.

Packman repo Index: