OPI and package information

I want to setup gimp + gmic, the problem is when I use:

$ opi gimp

I get 87 packages like:

1. gimp 
 2. gimpilbm 
 3. gimp-gap 
 4. gimp-help 
 5. gimp-fourier 
 6. gimp-descreen

How do I know which version of gimp is it? How will it integrate with the other plugins?..

Is there a way of display some further info? Like either version of the package or the OBS location so I can look at it and then decide?


Use 1 for gimp and you will see more Infaormation:

opi gimp
You have selected package name: gimp
1. graphics ?                                | 2.10.32                   | x86_64
2. home:Sauerland !                          | 2.10.32                   | x86_64
3. home:ecsos !                              | 2.10.32                   | x86_64
4. home:mrbadguy:gimp-unstable !             | 2.10.32                   | x86_64
5. home:lemmy04 !                            | 2.10.30                   | x86_64

Thank you:)

Any reason you use opi instead of simply installing gimp and gmic using standard software management tools (yast or zypper)?

Yes, I was trying to get the newer versions.

Thank you


Yes, I saw that, but I wanted the gimp package, not the extra files

Extra files for GIMP