openSUSE & Xbox


I know this might sound silly but I wanted to ask.
I am currently in the process of switching from Windows to Linux (as I am beginning to loathe Windows)

I still wish to access Xbox Live though, so I wondered if I could still do that with openSUSE.

I used to connect through my computer using Internet Connection Sharing, will this be a problem on openSUSE? If not then how would I go about doing this? Or at least how would I share my internet connection?

Also, could you possibly tell me if Atheros, Broadcom and TP-Link Wireless network cards are supported out of the box with openSUSE or do I need to download a 3rd party driver.


dunno about x-box internet sharing,but, ref your wireless,have a look here HCL/Network Adapters & - openSUSE & here Linux wireless LAN support