opensuse! What the F!

hello, why the installer of opensuse 11 is 4 GB PLUS WHILE, REDHAT, ubuntu and solaris are only around 600 mb and they are installer. what the F!

sorryl. im just asking

Strange, my install was only 2.4Gb & then with updates over the past few months,has crept up to 3Gb. Are you installing everything on the dvd ?


The suse installer comes in two sizes: A large DVD (4 GB)
and a normal-size LiveCD. You choose.

The DVD comes with a lot of packages you would have to otherwise get from the net. If you can’t use a DVD, there is the CD which has enough for a base install.

Actually there are Ubuntu DVDs also, which can save some downloading if you get the DVDs for no download cost (free download from ISP archive or purchased). Same story with OpenSUSE.

i would prefer having a large DVD with all the software you will ever need. Else you have to spend time downloading them over the internet. Fedora and openSUSE seems to be doing exactly that.

Check your facts first. Fedora Core 9 is a 3.3GB DVD. Ubuntu’s .iso is kept <700MB so it can be burned to CD rather than DVD, but the rest of the software installs from the net - the Ubuntu DVD is more fully loaded, like Fedora or openSUSE.

Personally, I much prefer the DVD option.

Great for creating an installation source from. :slight_smile: