OpenSUSE virtual summit 2020

I did not see a thread on this, and I thought there should be. The summit featured the very first functional build and trial of an entirely new tool to run virtual summits, and, while it was only started a month or so ago, I already like it much more than other virtual conference tools other projects and groups have been using and that I had been attending recently. There also were excellent presentations at the summit itself of course.

Yeah, the app worked amazingly well. Had some audio issues at first, but after almost everybody muted their mics, it was much better. Hat off for Patrick F. And the After hours social was so much fun.

Yes, it was a great event with a wide range of contributions from east and west as well as between covering all sorts of interesting topics. Patrick’s software did very well - I liked the idea of the coffee breaks and social events built in. Look forward to sampling it again.

Yeah, me too, John. As a former boss of mine used to say: “Go there, see the ugly faces of the other idiots”. At the time I had no idea how right he was. But things like this sort of show that ‘users’ are also ‘people’.

I was little confused about microphone button.
When I joined session, the microphone button contained “muted” caption + crossed microphone icon.
When I clicked the button, it rurned red, caption changed to “Live”, but icon was still the same - crossed microphone.
So I was not sure when my microphone was active.
So please when was microphone active?:slight_smile:

I saw this:

  • Mute by default
  • Live after clicking
  • Muted after clicking again.

And that worked for me, but apparently not for others ( type writer keys, phones. ).

Hi -yes that was a UI issue that we realised quite quickly but could not be fixed whilst the conference was live… fixed now…

thanks for the feedback!

Thank you.

There was also one little thing which was not so obvious for me at first.
When I wanted to join session I clicked on the join button. Subsequently web browser asked me to allow microphone for this website. I did not allow because I wanted only to listen and watch. I was waiting for a while and nothing, no sound and no picture.
After a few attempts I realised that perhaps microphone allowing is compulsory. And it was.
Is there any possibility how to join session without microphone approval?

Hmm. We’d need to test that (wasn’t an initial use case we considered), but the answer is yes - the only issue would be that if you wanted to ask a question it’s a bit more difficult to turn on the mic later at the browser level. There is a view-and-listen only mode on it’s way though…