openSUSE Tumbleweed and VirtualBox guest addiction

Hi everyone.
Now I only use Windows 11 Pro as a host for my VM.
I would like to ask: Tumbleweed has the repositories for VirtualBox guest addiction and during installation it automatically installs them.
For the stability of the OS, is it more convenient to leave everything as is or should you manually install the Oracle VirtualBox ISO?
Thank you in advance

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I assume you mean “guest addition” vs “addiction” (or maybe you’re addicted? :slight_smile: )

The version of VirtualBox in the OSS repo is as current as available from, so why deal with the ISO (?)

You also wrote, “for the stability of the OS” … “which” OS, the host or the guest?

(Note: I use VBox to install / use guest OSes for experimentation, and the host is always TW … I’ve not used a Win OS (as a host) for years, so maybe I’m missing something you’re looking for).

Keyran, I use the VirtualBox from the openSUSE repositories, but get the guest additions and extension pack from:

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I run openSUSE Tumbleweed in VirtualBox under MS Windows 10 and I only use the guest additions as provided by the openSUSE repository.

You can use the guest additions as provided with the Oracle .iso-file. However you then have to remove the guest additions (as provided from the openSUSE repository) first. And you have to manually make sure you always use the correct version which fits your installed openSUSE virtualbox package.

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Oracle does not support Tumbleweed - if it fails you cannot get support.

Those of us who maintain VirtualBox for OpenSUSE have to put special patches in for Tumbleweed as the kernel is not supported by Oracle yet.

We provide Oracle with the 6.6 kernel patch that Version Supporter (OpenSUSE, Fedora, and Ubuntu) have derived. I test as hard as I can for a couple of days before we ask OpenSUSE to release our version of VirtualBox and guest additions.

The extension pack has to be gotten from Oracle as it is Licensed differently and we have no rights to distribute it.

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I still have many essential programs that are only on Windows 11. My system consists of an Intel NUC 12 PRO with 16GB of RAM on which I have Windows 11 as the OS and I use VirtualBox for my Linux VMs. I currently have 4 openSUSE Tumbleweeds with different desktops and Leap 15.5. I’ve been wondering for a long time whether I should manually install VirtualBox guest addictions. Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

Some time ago I opened a topic because I have always had lag problems on the Intel NUC 12 platform. For 4 months I had a laptop with AMD RYZEN 5 4500U which worked fine with VM openSUSE TW and other distros. Now with the INTEL NUC the only OS (guest) that works reasonably is the only version of TW with XFCE desktop and (guest) Linux Mint XFCE. All other desktops TW, Fedora, etc. they are practically unusable… My favorite would be TW with KDE but occasionally it still has too much lag.

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday.
I normally followed a guide by installing the devel kernel and then I installed the ISO in the VirtualBox window. Performance is very poor. I have openSUSE TW installed as the only OS in an old 14 year old laptop which is certainly faster and creates fewer problems in multimedia playback and in the use cases of applications such as gimp libreoffice and other programs. I suspect that my Intel NUC 12 PRO hardware is not yet fully supported by Virtualbox.

I would suggest a post over in the VBox forums about that, ie, nuc 12 compatibility in VBox.

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Works fine on gen 12 Intel CPU’s and Tumbleweed - I have 10 virtual machines running - one of each flavor of Linux (Fedora, Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Leap, Slowroll, Tumbleweed) and 2 Windows (10, 11).
Oracle does not support kernels 6.6 yet - They do have code that we have added to make Tumbleweed and Slowroll work with kernel 6.6.

On Host use Tumbleweed regular kernels - not devel kernels - they do not have all the fixes to run virtualbox correctly so they are not supported by Virtualbox Maintainers.

on Host just “zypper in virtualbox”

on OpenSUSE guests “zypper in virtualbox-kmp-default virtualbox-guest-tools”

on Windows guests - use the Virtualbox > Device > Install Guest Additions CD

on Other Linux flavors - use what they provide for Kernel 6.6

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Hi @larryr. I discovered yesterday that by disabling 3D hardware acceleration all the VM run smoother.
I don’t use Windows vm: I tried but it consumes too much RAM. My system only has 16Gb.
The openSUSE Tw and Leap, Mint and Fedora linux vms are fine now. You learn by making mistakes.
Thanks for the feedback. :smiley: :smiley:

Hi @larryr, I made your corrections.
I had the impression that installing the VMs in EFI mode is more fluid.
Thanks again for the advice :):slight_smile: