OpenSUSE tracker not working?

With all of the torrent files I’ve tried (x64 15.3 leap and 15.4 leap alpha, network and offline images) the tracker responds with “torrent not found”.
I still managed to download the isos using DHT, but it is definitely not an ideal situation.
Transmission screenshot:

Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, also here – the KTorrent Tracker indicates “ Error: torrent not found” – but:

  • The transfer still happens at the maximum speed my DSL can handle – 55 Mbits/s (about 6.25 MiB/s ±0.2 MiB/s) «at least that’s what my DSL Router is indicating
    » – - And, KTorrent is also indicating that, the Torrent is transferring OK …

[HR][/HR]No idea – please write a Bug Report.

Was a bug opened for this? I couldn’t find one. I seed Leap and I’m seeing the same issue frequently with rtorrent. I can open a bug if needed.