openSUSE Theme lacking options in the User Control Panel

Picture, even when Photoshopped, speaketh the truth :slight_smile:](

I’m afraid kgrone is already sharpening his knives from my constant complaining :eek:

The openSUSE style is still in the process of being updated. If it doesn’t meet your satisfaction by this time next week, let me know. Oh, and such “complaints” are gladly accepted.

You should know I’m never satisfied :slight_smile:

Cheers, I know you guys get swamped by this stuff all the time.

We put them in our special complaint box, which is summarily lit and used as kindling to barbecue the complainers.

Oh you guys are so schweet(!)

Must be the nice Avitar working for you :stuck_out_tongue:

[LEFT]The user control panel in the opensuse them should now be fully functional. Please let me know is there is anything else needed.