openSUSE on mobile?

First, should I even install openSUSE on mobile with the GNOME mobile shell? I don’t use my phone for important stuff, so instability is ok, as long as it isn’t unusable. And if I can, then how do I install openSUSE on my phone?

Hi, I don’t think there is a version of openSUSE for mobile phones.
With smartphones it seems to be a bit more complicated anyways. Most open source Linux distributions for smartphones have a couple dedicated models they support. eOS would be one of the more known distributions.

The problem is as well that it seems quite complicated to make your mobile work in a way it works e.g. with Android.

I once tried to install eOS on a Samsung phone that was not supported and thought I would use a version that was meant for a phone of the same series but not the exact same model.
Well… I bricked it. I mean I tried for the sake of trying it with an old phone that I would have recycled anyways.

So, I will never try to install any open source Linux distribution on a device that is not supported officially. And we probably still have to wait a long time for an open source Linux distribution that is widely usable in the same way Android is usable.

Yes, there is a community version of Tumbleweed for Pinephone:

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PostmarketOS and Arch Linux both work on my Pinephone64. openSUSE does not, but that might be because of Mexican Telcel not being compatible. I will try it in Europe next month.

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