Opensuse on a Lenovo ThinkPad X220 - high temperatures and battery drainage

Good morning to the community,

I’m new in the openSUSE world: I used to be a distro hopper for many years and, then, when I chose as my unique laptop an old ThinkPad X220, I decided to install openSUSE, mainly attracted by the great number of packages available

I installed openSUSE Leap 42.2 with KDE as desktop environment. Then, I installed also tlp, thinkfan and thermald (same things I did for other linux distributions) and I turned them on through YaST However, with openSUSE I had, for the first time, problems with high temperatures and an uncontrolled battery drainage: I tried to copy 14 GB of files from a USB stick and, after few seconds, the temperature went high (about 80 degrees), the fans began to be so noisy and the battery went from 100% to 6% in the time the files ceased to be copied on my laptop. I also installed lm_sensor and turned it on.

I don’t know what went wrong… with other distributions I hadn’t got similar problems: Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Manjaro were all very silent, ice-cool temperature and very durable as for battery life…

I hope someone could help me, because I really wish to mantain openSUSE as operating system.

It’s a desperate situation: my ThinkPad starts to become very hot and its fans are very busy also when I see some images on the web. The battery life is only around 2 hours… but only if I don’t do nearly anything with the laptop.