OpenSuse minimal server doesn't boot after restart

I am trying to configure a remote server running OpenSuse 13.2 x64 minimal and I believe I have messed something up since the server will not boot anymore after issuing “shutdown -r now”.

Since I only have remote access (ssh) to the machine, in order to bring it back to life I have to force a reboot via the hosting company’s control panel that offers a cold boot option.

I think that this problem started after messing several times with x11vnc server (removing it, adding it again and trying some alternatives such as vino).

Right now I have ssh access to the machine and on top of it I tunnel vnc using x11vnc. My current desktop is Gnome. I know this is probably a pretty generic question and all I am looking for is some hints on what to check (logs?) that could potentially point me to the problem source.

Thanks in advance.

I wanted to add that this is a physical server not a VM.

After you have rebooted,
Inspect your syslog (journalctl) for entries prior to and after the reboot.