Opensuse microos appimage and other questions

Been using opensuse micoos for the last month or so its been super solid but there are something that I havent been able to work out so I figured I would ask here.

I been trying to apply the following
FREETYPE_PROPERTIES="cff:no-stem-darkening=0 autofitter:no-stem-darkening=0

but doesnt matter where I place it just never applys to any fonts. I tried /etc/environment and ~/.config/environment.d/freetype.conf no luck. Is this something that needs to be applied else where on microos?

Also haven’t been able to work out how to get AppImage working fully. After installing fuse they run but most of the time I can’t click anything in the app itself and gnome just treats it as if the windows isn’t even there have to force close it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I def should note here that I am not too well experience with linux so forgive me if these are really dumb things to ask lol. Thanks for your time

when you say microOS, do you mean the server variant, or MicroOS Desktop Gnome (now called Aeon)

oh right I mean MicroOS Desktop Gnome (Aeon)

Run them in distrobox.

To reiterate: EVERYTHING should be done via Flatpaks or be installed in a Distrobox if a package is not available as a flatpak. Using transactional-update is strictly what you need for your host operating system to work (exotic drivers, specialized vpn services).

same issue can’t click on the app at all

AppImage is not a supported packaging format on Aeon or Kalpa.

Likely won’t ever be.

If you do manage to get it to work, great, but it’s not something the developers are interested in supporting.