Opensuse live boot from USB thumb drive

Attempting to boot several live CD versions of Open SuSE from a USB thumb drive using unetbootin into an ASUS 1005HS Netbook. I can’t find a release that works. All the available versions, except Network install, fail to boot. Attempting to boot results in a MBR not found failure. The Network version can’t find a repository because it doesn’t interface with the ethernet connection (I think?).

Note: Ubuntu and Kubuntu .iso versions boot successfully from the USB thumb drive.

I haven’t tried using the Open SuSE .iso versions from a USB DVD ROM. This is probably a work around. I had hoped that the Open SuSE versions would work without having to get a USB DVD ROM. Any help would be appreciated.

May be an option
SuSE install from USB drive - openSUSE

There have been issues with Unetbootin

here is a different way that uses a live cd to install to a flash drive How to Install SUSE to a USB Flash Drive | USB Pen Drive Linux