openSUSE Leap 15.6 RC1 and release final

HI. I’ve been using Leap 15.6 since last summer. Let me start by saying that I use TW, SR and Leap 15.6 and they are all lovely. There is no company that provides such a complete and efficient range of offers. In fact I have 2 other Linux in VM (Linux Mint and MX Linux) which however I use very little. Question: I have all 3 Leap 15.6 systems in bare metal KDE and in vm with KDE desktop and XFCE. Given that they are all installations dating back to the September-October '23 alpha version, would it be appropriate to format and carry out new installations? Some distros recommend new installations when the final version is released. What do you experts on this forum recommend? Thanks in advance

Your decision.

I using 15.6 to write this reply. When the final release comes out, I will simply do:

zypper dup

to bring it up to date. And, after that, I’ll revert to the normal update method for Leap (“zypper update” or “zypper patch”).

However, I will do a complete new install on my laptop, which is still running Leap 15.5.

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@nrickert Thanks

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