openSUSE Kubic

Hello, where I can get some support for openSUSE Kubic?
I tried already a lot of times to install it with one master and one node failed to get the node visible in the cluster. i.e. only master is visible

localhost:~ # kubectl get nodes
localhost   Ready    master   35m   v1.17.2

while the node was added successfully to the cluster without any error message.

Good question.
Even though there is an openSUSE versionof Kubic, I don’t know that an official openSUSE Kubic community or even any kind of openSUSE documentation has ever been created.
It has always been a little bit of a square peg in a round hole in that Kubic for both SUSE and openSUSE both use the same setup and installer when there are SUSE only specific settings.

I’d recommend that this is a very rare instance where you would have to ask your questions in a SUSE support channel (I think I used IRC at the time).

You can provide a full description of what you set up and your problem (You have to provide the command and results, it’s not sufficient to just pronounce your problem).
Someone could spot your problem.