OpenSUSE KDE theme

I found the OpenSUSE KDE theme shipped with Leap 15.5 to be rather jarring.
The title bar especially looks horrendous, and so does the side panel on Dolphin when its entries are highlighted.
I’ve lurked and found a few presentable OpenSUSE themes for KDE, but I found them to be inconsistent with the theme that OpenSUSE provides.
Is there a generally good theme that consistently uses the OpenSUSE brand color and keeps the panels dark no matter the light/dark preference?

KDE Plasma already gives the most possibilities to change the look…so playing with the vast amount of settings in systemsettings should give you the look you like…
It is always a matter of taste…and your description does not really contain informations about your goal except a “dark panel” (whatever panel you mean…).

Sorry for the confusion. By dark panel I mean the one shipped with KDE by default (Plasma/Panels - KDE UserBase Wiki). The light theme overrides the color of the panel to white, with no way to change it to dark unless I choose another theme.

It is true that KDE is customizable enough to give a comfortable enough look. But the color inconsistency across different colors presets and themes kind of irks me sometimes. Thought there was a better way.