I’ve decided to try openSUSE on a 30GB partition that’s on my computer, but I need to know something. Does openSUSE come with GRUB Legacy or GRUB2 as it’s Master Boot?

Yup. openSUSE do have GRUB on boot.

I’m asking which one.

Grub legacy .

openSUSE doesn’t have GRUB2 yet. GRUB legacy and LILO are available for openSUSE, by default it will be GRUB but later you can install LILO from boot loader in YaST.

Man, I was hoping for GRUB2.

What other OS’s do you have?

As of 11.2 there is no GRUB2. But i hope openSUSE team will port it to 11.3, which release is due in July 2010.

I did have Debian on the partition openSUSE will be going on, but I currently use Ubuntu Studio 9.10. Debian came with GRUB Legacy and it didn’t pick up Ubuntu. If I don’t install GRUB Legacy as my Master Boot with openSUSE, would GRUB2 pick it up automatically, or would I have to do something? I would like to keep GRUB2.

Install suse but not the bootloader
Ubuntu will pick it up when you run update-grub

Do you understand that?

I don’t know what update-grub is, care to elaborate? I’m not the most tech proficient.

It is a utility for grub2
run it from Ubuntu after you install Suse with grub MBR installed in the partition not on the Disk MBR

What’s GRUB MBR and which partition?

When you come here asking question like you know about grub2 we kind of assume you know the basics.

sudo update-grub

following a suse install should pick up the suse install.

Here is how to not install the suse grub

I’m not that slow. After saying that, I’m going to ask another stupid question to be sure. I do click the box that says Boot from Master Boot Record, correct?



I hope not! I would miss the “partnew” feature in legacy Grub, which has been removed in Grub2. >:(
It allows you to rewrite the partition table before booting. It’s very convenient for me (Linux + multi Unix sharing each others slices in different disklabels = more than 4 primary partitions needed ). If ever my voice would count, I would say NO to that idea.

Thank you for showing me how to say NO in more than 10 characters. I’ve been wondering lately. :wink:

You can do it like this

No .