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I would just suggest that forums would be organized using more sub-forums for specific situations.

For instance, a HARDWARE generic cathegory which would include subforums for architecture, graphics devices, audio devices, storage devices, chipsets and laptops.

A OpenSuSE forum with subforums for installation, post-installation, packages/software compatibility, bootloaders,, specific forums for openSuSE technology like YaST, SaX.

Yet another OpenSuSE forum with subforums for their releases, so people can discuss stuff distro released in the right place.

At least one part of the forum oriented for Support should be organized in a easy way… either for people who are helping and for people who seek help.

I do condemn the fact that this forum doesn’t offer a more abstrtat section, where we can actually find another type of debates, like licence concerned, KDE/Gnome forum, this could be handy to collect information about openSuSE/KDE/Gnome integration, and as in general promote even more other opensource projects.

There should aswell be a scripting oriented forum, with sub foruns for bash, perl, python, php or any other scripting language that is under the opensource/GPL spirit. This could help greatly people, specially newcomers.

For internationalization, I do believe that the OpenSuSE foruns concerning the distro itself should be duplicated in full for all supported languages, or at least english/german/french/spanish, and if possible Portuguese (European Portuguese on my perspective).

Thats just my 2 cents,

On Thu, 04 Feb 2010 23:46:01 +0000, nmarques78 wrote:

> Thats just my 2 cents,

Appreciate the feedback; bear in mind that reorganizing the forum
structure is a major undertaking and would be quite disruptive, so it’s
not likely that a wholesale restructure would take place - but there are
some areas where further subdivision might be warranted.

As we’ve just formed an administrative team, that’s perhaps something we
can look at again just to make sure we’re meeting the needs appropriately.

I know that some consideration was given for a full duplication of the
forums in each language area, but the option was taken to not do that
because a lot of times forum divisions are centered around message
traffic; having a forum that’s essentially empty can be demoralizing for
those using it.

But I’ll raise these questions with the admin team and we’ll discuss.

Thanks again for taking the time.


Jim Henderson
openSUSE Forums Administrator