OpenSuse for desktop with long time support

Hi ! Can anybody inform me if there is a Desktop version OpenSuse with long time support like Ubuntu 10.04 LTS version ?

Take a read here
A free LTS version of openSUSE would top my Linux wish list.
Any involvement in EVERGREEN (long term openSUSE support) project ?

On 02/01/2011 08:36 PM, SM3CUA wrote:
> Hi ! Can anybody inform me if there is a Desktop version OpenSuse with
> long time support like Ubuntu 10.04 LTS version ?

working on it, see “evergreen” a project to extend 11.1, i do not know
the status, it just began about a month ago:

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173.14.28 3D, Athlon 64 3000+]
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Thank You for information, I am very fond of OpenSuse and all my family has used this OS since 11.2 KDE. Right now we use 11.3 KDE we dont know when this version is expiring for updates? We have OpenSuse 11.3 today installed on 5 computers at home.Yesterday i supported a friend of mine and installed and configured 11.3 KDE on a laptop Dell Alienware M17, it was a little bit tricky but at the end i succeeded.

Best regards

SM3CUA // Jan

Hello SM3CUA,

Have a look at this: Lifetime
Here you can see when an openSUSE version reaches it’s end of life.

As you can see openSUSE 11.3 is supported until January 15th 2012.

Good luck!:wink:

That is good news. Thanks for information I try to inform lot of radioamateurs about OpenSuse

Best Regards
SM3CUA // Jan

While this does seem to be a worthwhile subject for discussion, surely this thread is in the wrong place? It is in ''Unreviewed HowTo and FAQ" and it isn’t a HowTo, and while I suppose you could argue that the question has been asked twice before and that is enough to make it ‘Frequently Asked’, that wouldn’t be the usual definition.

Not that I would be for transferring this thread back again to the frequently asked questions (and FAQ seem to be here more a euphemism for: please read that first so you could spare much questions and the helpers’ effort :wink: ) -
but I am really wondering if this was not asked more frequently/often. Especially (on the German part of) Heise/the H online this openSUSE with Long Term Support seem to be quite a theme for quite a time:

Alexandra Kleijn: Die Woche: OpenSuse LTS, OpenSLES und Geeko Enterprise Linux | heise open (de, 2009/09/17)

DJ Walker-Morgan: Long-term support for free SUSE Linux discussed - The H Open Source: News and Features (en, 2009/09/03)
Dr. Oliver Diedrich: Diskussion über Langzeit-Support für freies Suse Linux | heise open (de, 2009/09/03)

And in Difference to the according English language article also incidentally criticizing:
Dr. Oliver Diedrich: Support-Ende für OpenSuse 11.1 | heise open

…] Ubuntu fährt ein etwas anderes Modell: Hier werden die alle zwei Jahre erscheinenden LTS-Versionen (Long Term Support, zuletzt Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx) in der Server-Variante für fünf, in der Desktop-Variante für drei Jahre mit Updates versorgt. Die im Halbjahrestakt erscheinenden “Zwischenversionen” (aktuell: Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat) werden lediglich für 18 Monate mit Updates versorgt.

By the way:
the project Evergreen seems to be quite alive,
Revision history of “openSUSE:Evergreen 11.1” - openSUSE
The Evergreen February 2011 Archive by thread
The Evergreen January 2011 Archive by thread


acquired this via wikipedia


Maybe some more people with knowledge
(e. g. from the openSUSE wiki team, the openSUSE marketing team, the openSUSE development teams, the openSUSE Board)
should take sometimes a view at the Wikipedia article and update it/make it consistant (compare timeline table and timeline diagram)
Revision history of Template:Timeline openSUSE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (last edit from 2010/10/02)

But what has this automatic diagram to do with the topic of this thread?

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