OpenSUSE for ARM processors and mobile devices?

I read this somewhere not long ago but I cannot remember at all where. Is there a development going on for OpenSUSE for mobile phones? Who knows more about it and can point me to the source? I am more than happy to ditch my androids IFF there is a decent bluetooth support.

Maybe this help you

Okay cool.

I am a bit disappointed that this is just Garrido working on instead of a larger portion of the community. I really hope this gets a proper lift off though.

If phones had a more open hardware architecture, you’d probably see more software including Linux ported to phones.
As it is right now and for the foreseeable future, phones dominated by only a few chips that provide the needed functionaiity for things like the carrier wireless signals, AK and multimedia features, t and often multi-function chips for both functionality and efficiency… and all protected by patents. You see some of it in the marketing… like 4G LTS, 5G,

There is a gal in my area who has made it a personal crusade to build an open architecture phone, but in his case relies on some enormous warehouse of unused chips(limited supply, no longer made) that works on 3G/GSM/GPRS. There might not be anything else like that in the world.

Linux based phones have had a difficult time getting established, I’m aware of only a handful of products.
Pinephone is probably the most well known on its own hardware.
LineageOS is probably the most well known with largest support for replacing Android.
There are a number of projects all the time that are in various development stages but the above are you two main options for something close to “Ready for Prime Time.”


I did try to shove linux into my decomissioned old Samsung and Hawaii phones without success for some time now. At some point, I want to just have off-network mobile device, for example I have a dedicated phone for controlling my drones and cameras that will never ever need 3G/GSM/GPRS.

Something that really bothers me is that why is the bluetooth support so badly compared to their Androids counterparts?

BT is also considered a network device.
Most Samsung phones of any vintage likely will be supported by LineageOS. Don’t know about Hawaii phones.
BT is a network device and is provided through a proprietary chip and it’s hit and miss(often or usually miss) trying to locate open source, more likely reverse engineered drivers.
Same thing with all I/O including your camera, microphone, speakers, etc.
Is why you won’t likely find regular Linux willing to do the specialized work for this hardware, but LineageOS is a large community which has been around a long time evolved from its previous incarnation XDA-Developers.

As the dominant phone OS that’s not Apple, Alphabet is able to make the licensing deals with the phone hardware manufacturers. Their symbiotic relationship ensures hardware manufacturers that there is a market for what they make and isn’t something many Linux projects are willing to do. Bottom line is that phone hardware is not FOSS and does not support FOSS.