OpenSuse Equivilant of KDE NEON

I am a KDE Neon user looking to switch to OpenSUSE as there is software I need to use are RPM based.

What would be the closest equivalent to using NEON? I see there is Argon and Kryptonite. How would they compare to NEON?

ps. I’m using a Dell 7577 laptop with Nvidia 1060-maxq, not sure what the driver situation is like for the Leap vs the Tumbleweed versions.

That’s argon and krypton. I just installed krypton a few days ago.

Argon is based on Leap together with the latest from KDE.
Tumbleweed is based on Tumbleweed with the latest from KDE.

I would guess that you will have less problems with Argon, because your Nvidia card should keep working.

I have not tried Neon. As far as I know, that’s kubuntu 18.04 with the latest from KDE. I would expect Argon to be similar, but I have no basis for comparison.

AFAICT Tumbleweed would be closest to NEON, where KDE is concerned. Tw usually has released versions within 24 hours. Krypton uses the KDE:Unstable repos, where Neon, again AFAIK, uses latest stable KDE releases.

Yeh KDE Neon has two versions. Developer which is unstable and User which is stable. I use the stable version.

So for Tumbleweed I keep stumbling across cautioning in regards to Nvidia drivers. I am not familiar with how openSUSE does it but I noticed that OpenSUSE has a one click install option. Does that just add a repo/ppa that installs and updates the driver?

There is a repo available for Tumbleweed NVIDIA packages. Here’s the instructions, just scroll down to the Tumbleweed part:

With the zypper nvidia repo install I don’t have to worry about anything when Tumbleweed updates to a new snapshot correct?

If you don’t mind me asking what is the difference between the two zypper install commands for the nvidia driver?

#zypper addrepo --referesh Nvidia
#zypper inr -r NVIDIA


#zypper in <x11-video-nvidiaG04>

The first one installs the recommended packages, the second a specific packages. Don’t have NVIDIA stuff anymore, but I know that just adding the repo and ‘zypper inr’ will do the job too. If an update doesn’t work, simply boot the previous kernel.

Ok Thank you all very much for all the help. This community is mind blowing how responsive it is. I’m really impressed.

I look forward to installing Tumbleweed after I back up my files.


Thanks and enjoy. Feel free to ask whatever you want to know, there’s a lot of knowledge around here.

Keep in mind that Tumbleweed is rolling.
Neon uses the newest stable version of Plasma but is based on a stable OS (Ubuntu 16.04 at this time)
The only thing they have in common is that they both have the newest stable plasma version.
Personally I don’t think you can compare Tumbleweed with NEON.
That does not mean off course that Tumbleweed is a bad decision, it is an excellent distro.
But something to keep in mind