openSUSE custom KDE Air theme not proper when rebooted

Hi All,

I have a fresh install of openSUSE 11.4 KDE 64 bit. I have desktop effects disabled for power consumption purposes on my laptop. When I shutdown or reboot the system the air theme for the the taskbar is mostly black with some grey. If I enable desktop effects, apply, and then disable the effects the correct look of the theme is shown and the appearance is retained with effects disabled. Has anyone else come across this and if so are there any known fixes? Thanks in advance for any help. Pictures below of theme after reboot and then theme after enabling and disabling desktop effects.


Try my guide here which involves making the panel smaller:
How to fix discolored KDE panel

If that doesn’t work try changing the theme to the normal Air theme

Thanks for the other option to set the theme back properly but it still doesn’t solve the underlying problem, and looking at your post this problem seems to have been around for some time. I am going to go file a bug on this and if I can’t find a way to permanently stop this behavior that doesn’t involve changing the theme then I will mark this as solved.