Opensuse 15.5 python version

was trying to install to install pince. but it fails because of the python version.
Why is opensuse leap 15.5 only using 3.6.15 when other distros have a more upto date version?
python3.6 was released in 2021.
ubuntu 22.04 uses 3.10
debian 11 uses 3.11
mint uses 3.10

So why is the latest opensuse leap always so far behind.

I think that this question about the internal thoughts of the developers will not get a useful answer here on the user forum.

If i had a direct link to the devs involved with python in leap i would send it to them.

I can’t even install 3.10 because it breaks the plasma menus.


192:~ # zypper se python311
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name                    | Summary                                                           | Type
i+ | python311               | Python 3 Interpreter                                              | package
   | python311               | Python 3 Interpreter                                              | srcpackage
   | python311-32bit         | Python 3 Interpreter                                              | package
i  | python311-base          | Python 3 Interpreter and Stdlib Core                              | package
   | python311-base-32bit    | Python 3 Interpreter and Stdlib Core                              | package
   | python311-core          | Python 3 Interpreter                                              | srcpackage
i  | python311-curses        | Python Interface to the (N)Curses Library                         | package
i  | python311-dbm           | Python Interface to the GDBM Library                              | package
   | python311-devel         | Include Files and Libraries Mandatory for Building Python Modules | package
   | python311-doc           | Package Documentation for Python 3                                | package
   | python311-doc-devhelp   | Additional Package Documentation for Python 3 in devhelp format   | package
   | python311-documentation | Python 3 Interpreter                                              | srcpackage
   | python311-extras        | Extra bits for Python                                             | package
i+ | python311-idle          | An Integrated Development Environment for Python                  | package
   | python311-libxml2       | Python  Bindings for libxml2-python                               | package
i  | python311-pip           | A Python package management system                                | package
i  | python311-setuptools    | Download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages  | package
   | python311-testsuite     | Unit tests for Python and its standard library                    | package
i  | python311-tk            | TkInter, a Python Tk Interface                                    | package
   | python311-tools         | Python Utility and Demonstration Scripts                          | package
mennoh@192:~> python3 --version
Python 3.6.15
mennoh@192:~> python3.11 --version
Python 3.11.4

Works fine here. I have even 3.9 installed here for one project that still wants to be converted.

Maybe you uninstalled 3.6? Or made python start 3.10?

how do i get 3.11 to be default.
atm 3.6.15 is default when trying to make

also 3.10/3.11 requires the new openssl-1.1.1n.

Does this listen to update-alternatives?

You do not want that, because that may lead to errors in programs relying on obsolete constructs in 3.6. Probably the openSUSE packagers want to evade having to fix issues like that.

I would try a virtual environment. Only if the application uses many libraries from pypi that may be a chore, but as the project does not have a requirements.txt you may be lucky.

you might be interesting the presentation about Python Stack Proposal in OSC23