openSUSE 15.4a - generic desktop install gives inoperable system

I did a fresh install of openSUSE 15.4a dvd img file to a libvirt vm yesterday. In the install process, I selected Generic desktop. Install finished. Opening the menu from the generic desktop gives nothing usable. There is no text; only icons.

I killed that vm and started a new vm pointing to gnome desktop. I added mate desktop and plasma desktop. All worked fine from initial observations.

For the information of developers as I don’t know where else to post this observation. If there is another place, let me know.

tom kosvic

“Generic desktop” is just “Icewm”.

I’ll check shortly, as I did install “Icewm”.

Okay, checking “Icewm”.

Yes, there seems to be a problem. I think I recall seeing a bug report on that.

The icons are there, and work as expected. But when I hold the mouse over the icon, it does not tell me what it is.

I happen to recognize the icon for “xterm”, and after opening an “xterm” I get a command line. That’s enough for what I normally do in “Icewm”. I think I saw somewhere that this is a font issue.

I just unistalled “google-droid-fonts”. After that, “Icewm” looks normal.