opensuse 13.2 reboot after install hangs

The install gave no problems
but after that by the first reboot

there were 3 dot in the center of the screen

end of the road.

the computer did nothing no logs nothing

only a hard reboot started it again

the same 3 dots

What is wrong with 13.2 ???

so i installed 13.1 no problem at all :shame:

Make sure you don’t have any thumb-drive or the Live DVD in the PC, if not, maybe try using the Live DVD to repair?

Was the 13.2 a fresh install or an upgrade?

That’s probably the Plymouth splash graphic.

You should hit ESC at that point, then see if there are any useful messages on the screen.

fresh install and not a single message after ESC

Sounds like a graphic problem in any case what card??? Try boot to recovery (in advanced option in grub)