Opensuse 13.2 Hyper-V integration tools

i’m quite new with opensuse, i know some basics in linux but nothing fancy though.

i downloaded the hyper-v integration tool but i have no idea how to install it within the terminal since every command is different.

can anyone link me a guide that ‘‘works’’ or write a simple little guide how to open the cd in the terminal and install the content.

the guide that people keep linking me is this ‘‘’’ but doesn’t seem to work

and this is the integration tool i downloaded ‘‘’’

I do not know that product and I do not know why you try to install something from somewhere, but when I look in YaST > Software > Software Management and use the Search function with the text hyper-v, I see a product:

| hyper-v - Microsoft Hyper-V tools

This package contains the Microsoft Hyper-V tools.

only two clicks (select the box and Accept) away from installation.

Please explain why this is not the correct product (or way to install it) to you.

thanks henk for the quick reply,

as i said above i’m quite new and considered a ‘‘noob’’ within opensuse.

i looked into thes oftware manager within yast and it was already checked.

sadly it still doesn’t support the hyper-v integration tools which is the part i’m struggling with.

''P.S if you want to talk in our native language feel free to do so i’ll reply in dutch aswell.

We only talk Dutch in the Netherlands language part of these forums. Not here, that would be unpolite to the English language comunity here. :wink:

So your real problem is that the product as installed is missing something? Better start a thread asking to solve that instead of what you ask now. That is the rule of “Describe the goal, not the step” as you can read here:

I’m not familiar with implementing Hyper-V LIS,
But skimming the links you provided, I see a number of issues…

Downloading and installing the package from Microsoft and following the Install instructions in your link will pose all sorts of problems. It targets openSUSE 12.1 which is… ancient. There is no way to really know whether the methods described which attempt to simply bolt on some additional functionality to the kernel could fail in many ways… Among which the current kernel is far more modular and advanced than what was used 4+ years ago and with 13.2 we now use Dracut instead of mkinitramfs. Microsoft may claim the latest release of LIS as current May 2014, but I’d still suspect its compatibility.

That said,
The OSS Hyper-V LIS package looks interesting.
Too bad there doesn’t seem to be any documentation, but since it does appear to install 3 systemd Unit files(and augment udev), the prospects might be good that someone has done the work to do the installation and integration already for you (no need for further installation, just verify it’s running).

You can test status and whether running

systemctl status hv_kvp_fcopy_daemon
systemctl status hv_fcopy_daemon
systemctl status hv_vss_daemon

Based then on LIS documentation (in your links and elsewhere) you should then be able to verify the functionality LIS is supposed to provide you.