OpenSuse 13.1 - KMail 4.11 - (personnal) subfolders disappeared


yesterday I decided to play a bit in Kontakt. I imported my e-mails and addressbook from Thunderbird, it all went good. In Kmail I created some subfolders for the old e-mails and this was OK too. Then I went to the addressbook and made quite a lot of updates in the data’s (phone numbers, categories, new distribution lists,…) After one hour of work, everything was done and then I came back to Kmail and all my subfolders had disappeared! I can see them in Dolphin (.local/share/apps/local-mail or something like that) but in Kmail they are not visible and it is impossible to move new mails to these folders.
Any idea how I could correct this?
By the way, the distribution lists I created do not work, but it seems it is a known problem.

There also was a known problem in KMail in that it didn’t immediately recognize folders it created, but “forgot” them instead. (I don’t remember exactly in which version this was fixed, but I think it was 4.12.x).
Try to quit and restart it, and the folders should be shown.

With some IMAP servers, creating (top-level) folders did not work at all, but as I understand it you are using POP3, right?

It was actually fixed in 4.13:

The other problem I mentioned with creating top-level folders on IMAP servers should be fixed in 4.11.2 already, though, so you shouldn’t see that anyway.

Yes, you are right, I am using POP3.
Yesterday evening I have tried to quit kontakt and to restart it but it did not help. But maybe restarting the computer or just akonadi could help? I’ll try it this evening.
And else, I’ll to wait for 4.13 or to go back to thunderbird :slight_smile:

Actually restarting KMail (or Kontact for that matter) should suffice.
Are you sure that you really quit it? (File->Quit in the menu)
It might have kept running in the background.

You could try to restart akonadi too though, by running:

akonadictl restart

You should still restart KMail as well afterwards.

And else, I’ll to wait for 4.13 or to go back to thunderbird :slight_smile:

The current version is 4.14.
But there will never be an official upgrade to anything higher than 4.11 for openSUSE 13.1.

You could install KDE 4.14 from the additional KDE:Current repo though:

Or you have to wait for openSUSE 13.2, which is going to be released at the beginning of November.

Thanks for the feedback, Wolfi323