OpenSuSE 13.1: Intermittent reset, help diagnosing


For the past 2 or 3 weeks my installation of opensuse has been resetting intermittently - at some (mostly random) time the screen goes blank, the power cuts out and the machine reboots. This happens maybe once a day or once every two days, but once it happens it will repeat again within a few minutes of reboot unless I power it off for a few seconds.

I have started booting into an older kernel (openSUSE 13.1, with Linux 3.11.10-34-desktop, I think the resetting kernel is Linux 3.12.53-40-desktop) and haven’t experienced a reset (for about 4 days) so I assume it’s something to do with a driver. I don’t recall changing anything. Is there a log that will tell me what was updated when?

How do I go about diagnosing the cause of the reset?



Any non reproducible problem is not easy to find :’(

In Yast-Software Management if you poke around the menus you will find a history of installed packages

Ah. I never knew that (yast history).
So looks like my kernel was upgraded on 23 March - consistent with the time things started going bad.
At the moment I guess I just give up and stick with the old kernel…