OpenSuse 13.1 and Calligra, I've installed it but I can't find anything

I have tried to install Caligra (former Koffice), I am using the standard method (all 3)
(the 2 last methods , manually and using binary files).

No error is reported but, … I can’t find the suit, I can’t find anything about Calligra in Menu.

Can Anyone imagine a possible response?

Welcome to the forums. I doubt you are using the standard method as you do not download binary files with the standard method. Rather you use YaST (if you are a complete novice) or zypper (if you are comfortable with the command line) to install using RPM files.

If you go to Control Centre>Software Management and then search for ‘calligra,’ you will find 18 packages within the suite to install. Check them all to make sure you get them all.

Doing it this way, the menu entries will all be set up for you.