OpenSUSE 13.1 airplane mode activated on reboot/startup

i have a fresh installation of 13.1 and whenever i reboot or startup the system airplane mode is enabled i installed gnome shell classic and nothing else the airplane mode is not activated when i log out and back in but on a reboot it is activated any idea where i can turn this off?

You are welcome here, but can you please have pity with those who do not have E nglish as their native language. When yoou do not use . at the end of sentences and start new ones with capitals, your post is realy difficult to understand.

sorry hans.
i will try to keep an eye on my punctuation in the future. I hope my post isn too confusing if it is i will gladly rewrite it so everyone can understand.
greetings robin

Hans is called Henk :D.

Have a look here