OpenSuse 12.1 - Video cards

When problems related to incorrect configuration of video cards in OpenSuse 12.1 will be finally and completely resolved, on the forum will be published a simple guide to the changes to the system?
Thanks in advance for your attention.


Probably not because once it works as expected there’ll be no need. But you’re likely to get help with whatever your problem is in the Hardware section of this forum, provided you explain the problem clearly and give as much information as you can. Always a good idea, too, to have the title of your message as informative as possible, i.e. “Black screen with NVIDIA 9600 using proprietary driver” is better than “Video problem” :wink:

I have tried several video configuration and also several OpenSUSE distribution such 11.4 and 12.1 (32 or 64 bit) on my laptop HP EliteBook 8560w but I am not able switch between internal LCD and external monitor. Only default (Connected) output is shown. LCD and VGA or DVI were listed in Display Setting applet on my former laptop…