openSUSE-12.1 KDE4 some icons initially show up as non-descript black and white

On a fresh openSUSE-12.1 install (with a clean/new /home) , a minor KDE specific hiccup, that I have not seen before, is some of the folders on the KDE desktop, upon KDE booting, do not have coloured icons. Instead, after one passes the cursor over the icons the colour will fill in.

Here is what I mean, with a couple of folders immediately after KDE booting:](

and this is what it looks like AFTER I have passed the mouse cursor over the icons:](

What is even more strange is I have another folder on her desktop with identical settings ( but different icons and apps linked to icons) and that folder does not have this problem. Yet folder settings are the same.

This is on a new openSUSE-12.1 install on my 86-year old mother’s PC (thread here: ).

Has anyone encountered, this and know the solution (other than having to pass the cursor over each icon the 1st time upon every KDE start) ?

So I have seen this before after a openSUSE upgrade, after a restore or after a clean install, but where I reused the old desktop. The icon images seem to be a problem when they belong to root meaning if you place the icon image in your local folder and use it, it seems to work. This was with KDE 4.7 and I assumed it was a bug in KDE that might be fixed with a newer desktop version, like a upgrade from KDE 4.7 to 4.8 for instance. Removing and recreating the icon short cut in the same location would not fix the problem, but creating a new user and a copy of the same icons seem to then work properly. Trying to reuse the old hidden .kde4 folder may cause the same problem in a different user and moving to kde 4.8 might be the latest fix for the problem. And, you can use a locally placed icon file you own as another kludge fix.

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This is a clean /home/user called /home/mothercpu

However I had the folder(s) contents for the older openSUSE-11.3 desktop backed up, and after the openSUSE-12.1 install with KDE4, inside a fresh new /home/mothercpu, I copied the backedup folder(s) contents back into /home/mothercpu/oldcpu/winxp-internet folder and pointed the desktop folder to that file folder location. Perhaps the icons in those folders are still 11.3 KDE specific and not generic enought for 12.1 KDE.

Maybe that will be the solution, to create brand new the /home/mothercpu/oldcpu/winxp-internet folder contents.

If that does not work, consider finding the icon file and placing it locally as well.

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