Opensuse 12.1 Broken Gnome 3 after login

“Oops, something has gone wrong!”

How do I go about debugging and fixing this? I didn’t have this issue with the GNOME:Stable repo, but when I updated to Opensuse:Factory I got this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Today I did a zypper up on Opensuse Factory.
It is getting further now. Now I can log-in and the top panel shows, but if I move my mouse over it it disappears, and on the second time it says the error above: “Oops, something has gone wrong!”

Good to see this progressing, though.

Gnome 3 now works with a very few issues:
*One gnome 3 system setting does not work. Minor
*Yast2 only works right from the command line - Medium
*Madwifi somehow is broken due to power setting isues, thus my wifi doesn’t work - High

See bug: SET failed on device wlan0 - Page 3

After an update yesterday, gnome 3 is broken again.