Opensuse 11 won't boot after update


i just updated from opensuse 10.3 to 11. And so far, everything workt fine. After a reboot grub hangs. It appears with stage 1,5 and thats it. The only way to get the system up again was to update again. The initial reboot always worked. I tried things like repair the installed system, changing the kernel (form pae to default) and other things. What helped was installing lilo instead. Lilo boots the system and grub not. Any idea?

Note: i hava a Thinkpad T60, and the rootfs is with xfs, sda1 for swap and sda2 for root).

Thank a lot.

Might not be much help now, but use the rescue option on the boot cd. You might just need to fix grub. I’ve had a similar situation with a VM, ran the rescue app on the cd and it fixed grub and booted just fine after.