openSuSE 11 - multiple java versions


I just upgraded to openSuSE 11 and I’ve been having some problems when trying to install multiple java versions/architectures.

In 10.3 I used to have 4 different flavors of java (1.5 32bit/64bit, 1.6 32bit/64bit) and I was able to switch between them with update-alternatives.

Now it seems that I cannot install both 32 and 64 bit variants of the same version. The packages have the same name and the system seems to be unable to distinguish i586 from x86_64 and it gives back a “package already installed” error.

Apart from the obvious “install 1.5/32bit and 1.6/64bit or vice versa” is there any workaround to get back the functionality (and flexibility) of 10.3 on the issue??

Thanks in advance,


Wouldn’t you be able to use the version tab to install another one?

True but this will replace the 64/32bit package with the 32/64bit package. I want to have both (if possible)…

install, for example, 64-bit java from repos and 32-bit form here