Opensuse 11 + KDE4 - mouse pointer / cursor theme setting

I logged in one day about a week ago and my mouse cursor theme had been changed. No idea why, presumably I did something but I’ve no idea what.

More to the point, how can I change it back? This used to be possible in Control Center, but I don’t see any mouse options in the new System Settings.

I have searched but can’t find any guidance

Thank you.

Can anyone help with this? I’m sure it must be something simple but I can’t find it:confused:

In the ‘System Settings’ in KDE4 there is the ‘Keyboard and Mouse’ setting under the General tab (Computer Administration). You can use that to change the mouse cursor back to what you want. Click on ‘Keyboard and Mouse’ and select ‘Mouse’, then select the ‘Cursor Theme’ tab and change your mouse cursor theme to what you want.
Hope that helps.

Got it - thanks!

Editing the thread title and adding [Solved] might aid others searching similar problems :wink: