openSUSE 11 burn my hardware?


I got problem with openSUSE 11, sometimes when some software is installing (for example when updates are installing) system hang and I smell a smoke from my PC :stuck_out_tongue: so I turn off PC immediately.
When I restart everything looks good :expressionless: it happened 4 times but only on openSUSE 11 (other system works good, even openSUSE 10.3).
Hardware looks good, I haven’t noticed any damage, and I don’t know where that smell comes from (I have cleaned up lately so it’s not because of dust).
I must admit that the smell disappear after few minutes from shutdown, and appear again when I am installing something on openSUSE 11.

Can somebody help me?

The 1st thing I would do is get the box out where I can see it; take the case off and start watching it with a flashlight. Are all the fans turning? Try to locate the cause. Are you overclocked? When you blew the dust, did you overspeed a fan? Reset the cards/ram; did you move something?

Install “gkrellm” - Manages Multiple Stacked Monitors
and set it up for you temp sensors; keep it up and install an app & see what temps are affected. I’d keep that up for a while.

You should be able to set shutdown temps in the BIOS to protect the machine while you are looking for the cause.

Do “dmesg | grep -2i acpi” in a terminal and post any errors you find.

Lastly. I really doubt that it is 11.0 causing the problem unless something is unstable: do “ps aux” in a terminal, look to see if something is hogging the cpu or mem. Install an app & see if something goes off the wall.

Try a clean install…

ok, the problem was caused by graphic card :expressionless:
After installing nvidia drivers from repo everything works good :slight_smile:
Thx for help :smiley: