OpenSuSE 11 64Bit and vmware-kmp-default


I’d like to install a console only OpenSuSE 11 64Bit as guest in VMware Workstation or Server.

To better support the guest, there are VMware Tools needed (or recommanded). Since OpenSuSE 11, there is a package called open-vm-tools-2008.04.14-21.1.x86_64.rpm.

While in the 32Bit-Edition everything goes well, the 64Bit OpenSuSE yast complains about lots of dependencies (which I don’t want to have resolved, as they add lots of not wanted stuff).

I did a rpm -i --nodeps, this works (shows some errors while starting up, but vmware-guestd runs). But that surely is not a correct way.

i’m not sure about vmware, but in virtual box you can download via virtualbox menu. and also virtualbox is open & free :slight_smile:

Vmware tools is not needed if you only wish to run a console. It provides things like a mouse driver and video driver.