OpenSuse 11.4: SCPM there, SUMF where? Alternatives?


Since my question/ problem is strongly laptop related, I am posting here again what I posted in the Applications forum, OpenSuse 11.4: SCPM there, SUMF where? Alternatives? , at this point to no avail.

On my new (hardware + software) laptop, I’d like to have different system profiles, i.e., system settings that change with locations (home, work, road etc.); this is much more than only network connection stuff, this is printer management, mail delivery etc. In OpenSuse 11.2, I used SCPM + SUMF (the graphic interface) which worked great together, could change profiles at boot or later on as (non-root) user.

My system info:

Laptop computer, fresh network install OpenSuse 11.4, the five recommended repositories (OSS/Non-OSS/Update/Packman/libdvdcss), all updates installed, desktop KDE 4.6.0


In Yast - Software - Software Management, did find SCPM package, yet no SUMF. Tried to use Yast Package Search (webpin), yet apparently that does not work (yet) in OpenSuse 11.4, which is bad (but that’s a different story; would you know a solution anyhow?).


Where and how can I find the SUMF package? If system profiles are done differently in OpenSuse 11.4, what do I have to install in order to have system profiles available?

Thanks in advance for your help.